Meet Kelsey Kerslake

Founder of the Aligned Business® — I’ve helped hundreds of online service providers claim their expertise and catapult their businesses to 5-figure months and 6-figure years. I’ve personally built 2 multi-6 figure online businesses, starting with my brand and web design agency Pinegate Road.

With over 13 years of experience running and online business, I know it’s entirely possible for you to hit the easy button and shift your business from freelancing and sporadic sales to becoming a true CEO and expert at what you do — reaching 5-figure months and beyond! It’s my mission to help you earn more, work less, and live a life that truly brings you joy. Let’s do this!

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    The Lessons:

    Finding your focus, so you can simply to scale


    Positioning your expertise to attract premium clients


    Create your custom plan to $10k+ months!


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