How To Make Your Online Business Stand Out From The Crowd

It is the one question every online business owner, whether they are just starting out or have been in business for decades, has on their mind: 

How do I make MY online business stand out from the crowd? 

Woman typing on laptop computer in orange sweater. There is coffee and a notebook on the desk next to her.

You have a passion and vision that can truly help people. 

You are working on building up your business to be sustainable for you and your clients. 

You are turning your dreams into reality. 

But you are not the only one. There are other designers, photographers, coaches, virtual assistants – the list of online business providers is endless- out there who have similar ideas and passions to you. No matter what industry you are in, you will face competition. The great news? Competition is a good sign that your idea is good and there are clients who need the service you offer! So, how do you stand out from that competition? 

Through your Core Values.

Core Values are the foundation of your business. Sure, there are other businesses out there who offer similar services to you but the things that are super important to you, are shown in every piece of work, and are the bedrock of your business? Those are the values that make you unique and attract your ideal clients. 

These core values should be in everything that you do. From building your website, to marketing efforts, and in every conversation you have about your services, your core values should be the central focus. Sharing the ‘whys’ gives people a way to connect with you and understand the guiding principles you have set for how you do business. You can use them in your marketing, content creation, and in every decision you make for the direction of your business. Your values need to be in your central messaging because that is how you attract clients who align with your values. 

Motivational sticky notes around a sign that says "I am a woman on a mission to..."

So, what are your core values?

If you haven’t taken the time to write them out – or even decide what they are – now is the time! Brainstorm what is important to you and what makes you different from other people in your industry. Take the time to write out 3 values that align with who you are as a person and what you want your business to represent. Write them down somewhere you can see them everyday as a reminder to yourself and start sharing them with the world!

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