Advanced Training: How to Create your Sustainable 6-Figure+ Online Business

The 5 phases of growing your online business to half a million dollars or more, and what specifics you need in place to make this sustainable as you grow your business.

The 3 parts of the Aligned Business® Method, and why each one is important to build into your business so you can grow for the long-haul in a way that feels aligned to your life.

A detailed understanding of how you can reach multi-6 figure years in revenue working 15h per week (or less) in your business.

How our CEO Kelsey invested over $250k in her business, and a breakdown of where that money went to support the growth of her company.

What you need to focus on now based on your stage of business so you can grow without falling prey to shiny object syndrome

How you can hit the easy button and get support growing your business to 6 & multi-6 figures this year inside the Aligned Business® Academy! We share exactly how it works and what it looks like when you enroll.