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We include a signature mix of 1:1 coaching, community support, high-level business training, and the inner work needed to reach your goals.

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Just $850/mo for 12 months!



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Want to chat through your decision? Click the link below to reach out on instagram @kelseykerslake Kelsey is available for all the voice memos ;)

You're so talented at what you do, but the business side of things is another story. You don't know what you don't know when it comes to actually growing a thriving online business.

You're wondering: "Where do I find clients!?!" You feel like you're shouting out into the abyss when it comes to finding clients...posting in Facebook groups and sometimes on Instagram...crossing your fingers someone reaches out about your services.

You're scrolling on your feed, and thinking: "How in the world is she hitting those big money numbers so easily? Why does it seem soooo hard for me? What am I doing wrong?"

It's feast or famine with your revenue. You're lacking consistency in your business, both with time and monthly income! Business feels like HARD WORK, and you don't know how much longer you can sustain this pace... but a voice inside of you keeps saying "You've got what this takes...keep going!"


You have an online business that helps you reach the big dreams you have for your future. One where you're pursuing your passions....working with the dreamiest of clients....your business is flowing with consistent money months...and you're hitting your goals without the burnout.

You’re doing what it takes to build a sustainable biz, and you’re working on your mindset and business strategies to keep your business growing and thriving through up's and down's.

You're stepping up as a leader and CEO. It is something you’re excited about - even though it feels like a big next step!

You have a solid business model that sets you up for long-term success. You know NOW is the time to build your business the right way.

This year looks a lot more peaceful knowing when clients are coming in, that you’ll have a regular paycheck, and dreamy clients are the new norm. Oh, and those laptop free days spent doing whatever you want ? Those are happening too.


By implementing what you'll learn in the Aligned Business® Academy, you'll create a thriving business model that will support you in scaling to 6-figure+ years with consistency. We'll make sure you entire business model is set up to support you as a person and how you uniquely want to be living your life — without the burn out.

It's time for you to have a thriving online business that supports the life you want to be living!



Want to chat through your decision? Click the link below to reach out on instagram @kelseykerslake Kelsey is available for all the voice memos ;)


You'll go through the Academy Foundations so we're learning where you are at, what you've worked through, and where you want to head. You'll complete our proprietary Visioning Homework to get everything spinning in your head — out!

Once we have your information, you'll meet with one of the Aligned Business® Coaches to create your Aligned Business® Plan during a one-on-one 60min session. You'll also be placed into your smaller group cohort at this time with others at a similar level of business as you!

You'll immediately begin your 2-week onboarding process to hit the ground running!

You'll get immediate access to the Aligned Business® Framework, hosted on Teachable. You'll have access to dozens of trainings, templates, worksheets, and more! We'll be referencing lessons in the framework throughout your time in the Academy, and point you to the most supportive things when you specifically need them.

Access to the Aligned Business® Framework

You will get a 60 minute session 1:1 with an Aligned Business® Coach to map our your custom plan to reach your future vision over our time together. You will get additional sessions as you graduate cohorts and hit milestones so you can reach your bigger vision throughout the year of the program.

Additionally, a coach will reach out to you every other week via text or email to check in with your progress and hold you accountable to your plan. This is a great opportunity to  recalibrate and make sure you're on track with next steps in your biz in-between your sessions.

1:1 Coaching Support

Each week we host a group coaching call where we go through your questions individually. You're still getting 1:1 attention during these calls, and the BEST part, is that you're learning from other's questions and business things along the way. This is huge when you're growing your business because you'll learn things you would never even think about asking!

If you can't make these live, we share access to the recording, and timestamp and tag you in the recording so you can always get your questions answered even when you can't make the live call. Additionally, we put these calls on a private podcast feed so you can catch up and listen in easily each week!

Group Coaching Support

You'll be placed in a smaller group cohort based on your stage of business after your 2 weeks of onboarding. Here, you'll have access to a private group in the slack community with your cohort where you can network and support one another through whatever you're working on and what is coming up in your life and business.

Every cohort is designed to keep you focused on working towards certain milestones that will keep your business growing from a strong and lasting foundation. When you reach these milestones, you'll be able to submit for graduation to be placed in the next level.

Cohorts & Business Milestones

You'll be able to submit anything that you want expert eyeballs on as you're growing your business. Your sales page copy? Email newsletters? Your website? We've got you covered! Anything you can sending in a link or a document, we will review and give you personalized feedback on so you can make sure you're on the right track moving forward!

Weekly Critiques of your Work

Inside our private Facebook community, you'll be able to get feedback, support, and collaborate with your peers inside the Academy! This is a great place to network, share wins, and be with others who are working on their next big steps in life and business as well. You know what they say about the 5 people you spend the most time with... well in here, you'll be sure you're surrounding yourself with some next level humans!

Slack Community & Student Directory

You'll get immediate access to our library of assets you can use to hit the easy button to grow your business. We have designed a Showit template for you to use if you're needing a new website that works, and we also have contracts that are licensed for your use (these alone cost $2500 if you purchased them on your own for your business!) We're always adding to the assets in the program to keep you supported as you grow!

Scripts, templates, & contracts galore!

Every January, April, July, and October we meet live for a recalibration of your future vision and your business. These retreats are an amazing way to recenter and come back to what matters most in your life and make sure that your business is supporting it. 

We're also always bringing in bonus trainings, adding to the framework, guest experts, and more! We've recently added in co-working sessions that our students are LOVING! We're always adapting to your needs and making sure you're getting supported in the best way possible inside the Academy.

Quarterly Virtual Retreats, Guest Expert Sessions, Behind the Scenes with our CEO, and more!


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Want to chat through your decision? Click the link below to reach out on instagram @kelseykerslake Kelsey is available for all the voice memos ;)